Badger Blogging Blitz: Day 0

This week, seven University of Wisconsin-Madison English-teaching alumni and myself will partake in an extreme blogging bonanza: the Badger Blogging Blitz. Starting tomorrow, we have all pledged to write one blog post every day for a week. We’ll each respond to the same reflective questions about life in Korea thus far, and elaborate on details of our lives here that are overlooked in typical posts that cover 1-2 weeks of life in just a few paragraphs. Every corner of life has been altered in some way after moving to Korea in August, establishing roots, and learning how to teach ESL, but it’s difficult to fully express all of those changes to our friends and family back home. So, by the power of collectivism and group-mentality, this dream team will support one another in producing a total of 49 posts in one week, during our Badger Blogging Blitz.

Stay tuned, people!

Badger Blogging Blitz Brethren: 

Emily Gaynor

Keith Kemp

David Klug

Matthew Marx

Zach McLeod/Liz Wansley

Soren Nieminen



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