Sunshine & Art Galleries in Insadong

Seoul has been such a tease with weather. She’ll show a little leg in the form of a sunshiny day, and then hastily pull down her skirt again when she sees how happy it makes you. This weekend she let the sun shine enough for a full day of moseying around the winding, artistic nooks and crannies of the Insadong/Jongno/Samcheong area. Although she’s gone back into prude-mode, last weekend’s gorgeous weather was a lovely surprise.

Despite its touristy nature, I love this area. The winding side streets that pull you in, specialty shops selling hand-crafted leather bags and stationary, and of course the bounty of art galleries. My friend Vivian and I (a sculpture major, making her quite a suitable companion for this activity!) used an article from Seoulist as our guide, but the neighborhood is so accessible and free-flowing that you never want to look at a map or guidebook, and getting lost just seems much more appealing. Get off at the Anguk subway stop on Line #3, and let your creative side guide you.

Some galleries I loved: (forgot to write down some names, but just go wander)

Hidden Space 

Gallery Biim 

Gallery IHN 

Arario Gallery 

Gallery Sun Contemporary 

Here are some photos from my arternoon.

Nooks & Crannies & Wires


There were a few museums, but we mostly stuck to the independently run galleries featuring local Korean artists. Seoul has a vibrant art scene, go walk around Insadong and see for yourself!

Arario Gallery featuring "The Triumph of Daily Life" by Hanna Kim - she has a relationship with an imaginary rabbit.

The sound of a heartbeat was coming from those speakers, very cool concept to look at each canvas in rhythm with the beats.


Street Art.

Ads for a new museum :)

Cho Sohee at Gallery Sun


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