Optical Seoullusion: Trick Art Museum

Ah, the age-old Museum Debate in travel and tourism. Too touristy? Stuffy? Money-wasters? Yet beautiful and important displays of creativity throughout history, and great ways to learn about the culture. Okay maybe this debate isn’t age old and is more of an internal debate between me, myself, and bassenyourseatbelt. I am personally a fan of art museums, no matter the city, as a way to relax, think creatively, and garner inspiration in every capacity. Most art museums are thought provoking, educational, and generally quiet experiences. Not so at the Trick Art Museum, an exhibit on display at several venues throughout the Korean peninsula (Busan & Jeju have exhibits), which displays optical-illusion style art of all shapes and sizes. There really is no point in attending without a camera and one or two goofy friends, because the best part is joining in on the activities of the painting. Yet another experience to bring out yester-you, you will walk through the halls of the exhibit feeling like a drunk 6-year-old,  playful and filled with excitement, giggling and running from room to room. (Was everyone acting like this, or was it just my friends and me?) Many of the paintings used in the exhibit are based on famous works of art, and some are quite interactive. Although the entrance fee was rather pricey for an hour of artistic hilarity and playtime (13,000 won), it was a great way to spend a cold afternoon in Seoul.

We went to the exhibit on display at Santorini Seoul, a Greek-themed art gallery in Hongdae. From Exit #9 of Hongik Station (Subway Line 2), walk straight for 200m towards the Starbucks coffee shop.

Pictures!!! ^.^



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