Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, friends. I sit here entering my 6th hour of desk warming on this brisk Tuesday afternoon, grappling with a topic to write about for bassenyourseatbelt this week. Food in Korea? Too many options. Museums I went to this weekend? Typical. My lesson plans for Winter English Camp? Boring. And then it dawned on me: I haven’t fully explained this practice that is all-too-familiar to any young adult who has taught English in the Republic of Korea. Day in and day out, I sit here, like my comrades in the #occupy movements across the globe…occupying a…space.


Okay so I’m not protesting anything, or leaving my job to sleep in a filthy park, all in the name of speaking out against corruption. But I did steal a clever phrase from a Facebook friend! “Desk Warming” takes over during school vacation times (which I’ve discussed in previous posts). Winter break, as far as I can tell – no one at my school has totally explained to me exactly when the break is over – lasts from December 28th until March 1st, and I’m required to come into school each day and look productive for 8 hours. (Unless I choose to take some of my 25 vacation days during that time, which I am.) No one really speaks to me, I go home to my apartment to eat lunch, and I spend way too much time on the internet. What activities am I partaking in? Here’s my laundry list:

1) Video compilation movie about teaching in Korea

2) Refreshing my Twitter feed every 8 minutes

3) Studying Korean (still working on motivation for this one)

3) Bassening my seatbelt

4) Planning my trip to Malaysia & the Philippines

5) Pintrest – my favorite new website

6) Knowing absolutely every piece of news/current event

7) Downloading. Everything. Korea has more broadband connections per person than anywhere in the world.

8) Staying up to date on the latest viral videos – please direct all humorous things to @jul928, juliabass28@gmail.com, or my Facebook timeline.

On that note, I leave you with this Korean-American awesomeness. Please watch, definitely not a time-waster.



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