Turkey & Chopsticks

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! This year, as usual, I’m thankful for many things. Discount airlines, frozen Twix bars, inexpensive red wine, wearing slippers in school, the Korean desire to learn English, and my family. Surprisingly, I wasn’t too homesick for America, family, friends, or the parade balloons, this past Thursday, for my first-ever Thanksgiving away from home. (I do miss you all dearly, though.) I think it was because the Yeoju crew pulled off one of the best American Thanksgiving dinners to be had in the entire Republic of Korea.

Football jersey, abundance of wine, and the holy Turkey.

Last weekend, we made big moves and orchestrated a pilgrimage to Costco in Seoul (yes, we drove!) to purchase a turkey. If anyone was worried, your Costco cards will work in Korea! It was a strange feeling indeed, to be transplanted to big-America for a few hours, roaming around a massive warehouse with our gargantuan shopping cart, surrounded by mega-everythings. Of course we all picked up a few other goodies from America that we’ve been missing…seltzer water, cheese, deli meats, granola…it was a good day.

We had the Turkey feast the following Saturday, since Koreans don’t really tend take a day off work for American holidays, and everyone brought his or her  own delicious contribution.

Lots o' pie. (Notice the pie decorations, brought to you by the Yeoju Crew.)

I made stuffing for the first time ever, which apparently turned out to be pretty good. All the traditional foods were present, and of course everyone was traditionally in a food coma after the 2nd and 3rd rounds of eating were completed.

A few people brought Korean friends and significant others, and I think it’s safe to say that they thoroughly enjoyed the carbohydrate-fest of a holiday. We were all happy to introduce them to our favorite American specialties. It was definitely a unique Thanksgiving experience, and serves as proof that it’s possible to eat anything with chopsticks.

Thanksgiving with chopsticks!


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