Ceramixing It Up

Korean’s pride themselves on several cultural traditions that date back thousands of years: eating kimchi, the Hangul language, heated floors in the winter. Add ceramics to that list. Ceramics is an important art form here, and last weekend I had the opportunity to see why. The Gyeonggi International CeraMIX festival is currently underway (lasting until November 22), and one of the cities it’s held in every year is Yeoju! This region of Korea is among the most famous for ceramics, and ceramicist from all over the area came to Yeoju to show off their craftsmanship. They sell pottery of all kinds, for practical use and artistic pieces. Some are absolutely gorgeous, but unfortunately most of the artists wouldn’t allow photos. It’s become an event that families attend together, and there are tons of activities for little kids to partake in. It was great to see a unique event happening in my small city, and to see how proud Koreans are of this art form. There was a booth set up for people (read: children) to make their own pieces with help from a professional ceramicist, so of course myself and some fellow English teachers decided to partake! I “made” a lovely vase and then got to decorate it on my own. It was a great way to spend the day, and made me appreciate Yeoju that much more! Once I get paid, I’m definitely going to return and make some purchases. Check out the photos to see what I saw…


Center of the festival, just a 5 minute walk from where I live.


Some cute statues and cute kids.

Me being eaten by a ceramics monster.

Inside where goods were sold. No photos allowed...sorry peeps.

Good effort, Yeoju. You tried.

Behind the scenes...

My masterpiece.

The largest ginger root ever! I especially like the photo in the background.




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