My First Taste of Hongdae

My favorite neighborhood in Seoul thus far! A district that’s an outgrowth of Hong-ik University, the biggest art school in Seoul, the whole area is hustlin’ and bustlin’ with creativity, young people, musicians and great vibes all around. Hongdae has so much to offer…great nightlife, interesting little galleries, inexpensive shopping. Last weekend I went to an art fair put on by the students and other local artists who sell their goods to the public.

Hong-ik University Art Fair

Some adorable ceramix.

Trash becomes treasure.

Bang Ji Hye - lovely lady who drew my portrait!

My first-ever portrait. heeheehee!

Poster advertising some sort of music festival we think. I feel like I could find something like this on the Lower East Side in Manhattan.

My friend Scott got a portrait from a man who will draw his projection of "you in 30 years" - ha! Awesome.

Sangsang Madang Gallery

There was an indie band playing some tunes, while Seoulites and visitors circulated the park ogling at adorable tea cups, artisan iPhone cases (I kid you not), gorgeous jewelry, handmade leather bags, awesome painted sneakers, and so much more. Once I get paid, I’m buying out the whole place. I also got my portrait drawn for the first time! My parents never used to let me get those cheesy caricatures done outside the Met when I BEGGED and PLEADED as a kid. So, ha!

And as I said, the nightlife in Hongdae has totally impressed me. The clubs are completely non-pretentious, and it’s definitely a well-mixed balance of Koreans and foreigners. (As opposed to Itaewon, the foreigners district, filled with soldiers and a handful of Koreans looking to date foreigners.) This weekend some friends took me to Garage, a tiny club that is literally inside of a Garage.

Great lady DJ at Garage.

It actually sits right behind the park where the art fair was…so now I know how to find my way back :) They played awesome indie-electronic music, which was a much-needed break from the usual top-40 American music played in most bars. Good stuff. Seoul is a very creative city – can’t wait to dig deeper into the art scene here.

Anyang for now!




  1. Looks like you are having a great time and exploring so many places, things, people. You go girl! Have fun!
    Aunt Holly

  2. That “you in 30 years” artist looks great–I’m going to give it a shot. But if my hair is already white, where can the artist really go with that?

    Also, every time I read the title of your blog I chuckle to myself. Great stuff.

    1. Yes! I saw the regular portrait artist first and jumped at the opportunity…wish I had gotten that one. Too funny. He’s a creative guy, I’m sure he’ll come up with something middle-aged. And thanks, it was actually my AIM screen name in high school and I thought, why put such a great name to waste :)

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