The Longest Week Ever

So I was told by my program coordinator we’d be receiving our school & city placements later this week, making this time period of anxious waiting, hoping, and wishing the longest week EVER. I guess it’s mostly because I really just want to leave for South Korea already; lots of my friends have already taken their first few baby steps into the seemingly uncharted territory that is “the real world” and I would really just like to join them! But it will also be a comfort to know that I have an actual, specific institution in Asia awaiting my arrival on September 1st. I spend so much time describing what I’m doing to people, explaining that it’s okay that I don’t speak a lick of Korean (at least I really, REALLY hope so!), pretending to know everything about Korean culture with my random tidbits and factoids (ie: Did you know Koreans ask people what their blood type is when meeting a person for the first time?! They believe your blood type has something to do with your personality. I was told say anything, just not B…hmmm. More on this when I arrive.) that the experience just doesn’t feel REAL yet. Hence, the weeklong anxiety attack I am currently suffering through. I want to start researching where I’m living, Googling like crazy, studying maps, etc.

I’ll update again once I have my placement! (Or if I have another spurt of anxiety that can only be soothed with a blogpost.)



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